Nappy Roots - Twang

Текст песни Nappy Roots - Twang

What is it that you tryna hide..
Them jeans so tight you know ain't nothin..
The way workin 'em be hurtin 'em..
You better watch it girl, you know I got you girl

[B. Stille]
No I am not your, average, country boy
I'm a savage, don't ask if I want some more
Let you have it, there you go, girl I will grab it
Slap it, flip you, rub it down

[Big V]
See you - make me want it in ways I ain't supposed to say
Wanna kiss you, in places I shouldn't put my face
See you got my attention for real, in a major way
Ain't no need to stop it girl, go on, keep boppin girl

[Chorus - Nappy Roots]
What is it that you tryin to hide off in them pockets girl?
Them jeans so tight you know ain't nothin in them pockets girl
The way you workin 'em be hurtin 'em just stop it girl
You better watch it girl, you know I got you girl
Move it (Keep bouncin shorty) move (now shake it girl)
Move it (Keep bouncin shorty) move (now shake it girl)
Move it (Keep bouncin shorty) move (now shake it girl)
Move it (Keep bouncin shorty) move (now shake it girl)

[Skinny Deville]
Yo, caught up in the zone bitch, what you call drunk?

Damn this mothafucker here done got crunk
Strip down, jam pack what you call skunk
It's all up in the atmosphere, pass that blunt
Bar tender trippin off what the country boy say
Let me get another shot of Grand Marnier
And a double shot of Jack the fact
Where the hell is buffalo at with half the sack
Look at all these broads with asses fat
Knowin Goddern well what she dressin at
And when they play the right track where them yeagas at
Shorty don't get mad at me when ya ass is smacked
That's all I can say when you backin that
Big fine, chunky donkey back inside my lap
Do the damn thing you gon' mack the mack
But don't get mad at me cause I trap the rat


[R. Prophet]
It's like ThunderCat but I'm a jack, baby doll let me see your belly roll
Here kitty kitty kitty, got me giddy lookin sweeter than a jelly roll
This reminds me, it's so nice yeah I asked ya twice and floss so icy
What ya need is if I feed ya, fuck ya, try to say no that's gonna be pricy
Aw naw, me pay for no poonanny not just like me
I got a girl back at the crib and all the time she ride me
And when I pull this hot tamale out my pants just bite me
I got more rhythm than the Wings, why don't you come and ride me?


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