Narcoleptic Youth - Double Jointed Circus Monkey

Текст песни Narcoleptic Youth - Double Jointed Circus Monkey

1234 (German)

Kicking back in my room drinking banana juice, we were all gonna party.

We were going to get loose. School was out and it was Friday night.

Everything was going oh so alright. Everything was wonderful. Everything was great.

But then Mike and Niki, they started to fight and the room ablazed with hate.

That's when he called her... Double Jointed Circus Monkey.

With her legs around her neck ya know it's really funky.

Well, I was hoping they'd break up cuz Niki seemed so great.

Mike would go to Germany and then Niki and i could date. Everything was Kosher. Everything was fine.

Why don't you give Mike the axe? And then you know you'll be mine.

I'll never call you... DJCM

Well I knew this girl named Niki. She was the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

I met her in the East Hall lobby reading magazines (Thanks Prince!)

Everything, etc. etc.

Well the story hasn't ended, but so far it's gone my way. Michael went to Germany so now Niki and I date.

Everything is so great cuz I love her so. I love her yeah now that she's mine.

I wonder if she knows. Or will she call ME...Double Jointed Circus Monkey?

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