Narcoleptic Youth - Elvis Lives In Norco

Текст песни Narcoleptic Youth - Elvis Lives In Norco

Well they tried to tell me that Elvis is dead, but I saw him yesterday at the Circle K.

Serving up drinks and having a laugh, but I think the dirty bastard needs to take a bath.

And Graceland was nice. He had lots of fans but he got too big so he bought a van.

He packed it up to move far away so now Norco is where he's gonna stay...A Cowboy!!!!

Chorus: Elvis Lives! (In Norco) Heehaw!

He's got a cowboy lover. Yeah we know he's gay. And in Norco he's bigger than the KKK.

Cuz they burn their crosses. Yeah they'll burn them well,

but they'll shed a tear for Heartbreak Hotel.

With his blue suede shoes and his Stetson hat, he's got a rhinestone cape and he still looks fat.

Blue Blocker shades and his big side chops,

you should see him groovin' to the Jail House Rock...On Hamner! (a street in Norco)

Chorus: Replace Heehaw w/ ShitHowdy!

Oh they love him tender and they love him true.

I even heard they love him more than their Boys in Blue *

Because Elvis is the king, and he's there to stay. And lastnight he got elected to the P.T.A.!!!

Elvis lives (lived) in Norco, down the street from Jay Sin. Seriously.

* The Boys in Blue reference is to the Norco H.S. football team which = God.....(In Norco)

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