Narnia - People Of The Bloodred Bross

People Of The Bloodred BrossNarnia4:38

Текст песни Narnia - People Of The Bloodred Bross

There is danger in the air
Afraid to face reality
Where can we run and where can we hide?
listen to the master's voice inside
We are protected in his name
You can take our lives, but
You can not take our faith

We see the evil actions
Death is in the air
Give us the courage now
To rise above it all

We serve and pray
Our time is here
And we believe
We're the people of the blood red cross

Looking for a scapegoat everywhere
"You are the sinner and I am the saint!"
Who is the winner of this stupid game?
Will we ever learn to see the truth
And give our brothers a helping hand
This is the cause we will be fighting for
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