Narnia - The Man From Nazareth

The Man From NazarethNarnia8:38

Текст песни Narnia - The Man From Nazareth

He was a carpenter, a simple man
Living a simple life in Nazareth, the story tells
His mother always knew tha He was meant
To serve a special purpose here, the angel had said, the story tells
He was carrying his gift inside
His heart divine, his mind so bright
With healing powers at his hand
He was reaching out a helping hand
To those in need, the blind to see
Lazarus, arise

Messiah, oh Messiah
See the son of god among
Saints and sinners, old and young
Speaking words of wisdom
Turn the other cheek, believe
And the truth shall set you free
Spoke the man from Nazareth
Jesus, King of Kings

And he was wandering across the land
The winds began to change

As prophets had said, the story tells
All the priests said
"he's no son of god"
Accusing him of blasphemy
Of challenging authority
As his friend betrayed him with a kiss
They tortured him for all to see
A victim of atrocity
And they nailed him to a cross
The earth was shaking, curtains fell
As he spoke his final words:
"It is finished"

In his temple we were stand
Kings and nations turn to sand
And his word shall echo
True forgiveness for our sins
Eternal life for you and me
Spoke the man from Nazareth
Jesus, King of Kings
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