Nas - Talk Of New York

Текст песни Nas - Talk Of New York


[Verse 1:]
The trains are New York Veins
The City a cycle
People are the blood stream
Mean and ice cold
Laid back counter clockwise
The dice roll
Yank hats, gang flags, plane crash
Ground Zero, no lost angels
Ain't you from my from my man's and them area?
It's good to meet you
Ya man did 20 years for some FILA sneakers right
Had the 560 benz
Light blue
Where ed shot himself in the stomach
Smoke the dust
He let the culture culture bust
Back when we took the D train uptown
Shante and her whole crew, groovy hair style
Yo baby yo baby yo t- shirts
Gold teeth smirks
At mark 125th
Hope the heat work
Few numbers I bagged
Then caught a cab back
To Jamaica Ave by the library
Seen the part of shabazz

New New York New York York York (all to those who live in Queens know just what I"m talking)
New New York New York York York (all to those who live in Brooklyn know just what I'm talking)
New New York New York York York (all to those that live in Harlem know just what I'm talking)
New New York New York York York (all to those from South Bronx know just what I'm talking)

[Verse 2:]
Skate Key Empire USA
Rooftop 2 O'clock
Skates off break north
To the rink
Springfield in the work
The 6 borough Jerz
Car jack city
The GW bridge
The Coop City
Popo's hot
Glocks in your Benzy box
Stash and we move fast
Dropped off Miss Pretty
Shakes her A$$ to the building
Knowing I just killed it
Dudes in front of her door blocks her entrance

Asking her "who she been with?"
She laughs "mind ya business"
Tinted windows
Pop dutches with box cutters
Drop brothers off
A crime stock with c locks brothers
Hit town up in New York State
Hate a black New York face
Jumping out the phantom with the BAPS
With the hammers on her waist
Gorillas in the tristate of


[Verse 3:]
It dont matter if I been out of town cigar lounge
Doing rounds of tequila soon as I touch down
In NYC streets
The heat is on
The Talk
Who said what
I catch up on
The New Teflon Don
Who got they death on
Who still stable
Where beef got squash at the round table
Who still holding it
Who hanging with snitches
Couple of Zulu's from back in the days who still up in clinton
No more hand shakes fake arm swing
See if your flinching
Need to hold something thats mention in every ***** sentence
When I get it you got it
D's went up in the project
Bail a couple of homies out
No doubt
Ferrari's in the summer
When its the hummer
Or the turtle top band satellite
Spilling drinks
Hitting potholes with savage types
Club 17 marque
The team flash
Next day hit the spas and the steam bath
Knock out this business
Do some promo
Make paper in the grind capital
Sign a graph then hit the hood
See the folks reminisce on how it was


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