Nas - The G. O. D.

Текст песни Nas - The G. O. D.

The g-o-d
Aiyyo, check it's god's son
I know I always give you clowns a little lean to come out
Cause I drop every two years...but it's over now, you know? hah

The g-o-d s-o-n
K-i-n-g o-f n-y-c
That's me [x4]

Is it because I got the city on smash now
Oh woe woe
Or is it because your time's up and it's a wrap now
Hey hey hey hey

[verse 1]
In the papers you read that nas is crazy
Lost his mind as he leavin sony
The inc got him signed
It's only a figment of your imagination
Went to way with new york's hot radio station

Lost my patience, had to zone out
Rappers blown out, I have the throne now
The real shall reign, I feel your pain
You r&b, follow me, spell my name



[verse 2]
God's son across the belly
Pardon, I'm hardly a bully
But what y'all done to hip hop is scary
Nas'll be truly the, last soldier to roll with
Holdin it down, my proteges are over with now
A producer like swizz beats, on fire
So is the control room, soon as my vocals are down
Nas - god's son, and y'all my little children
So bounce with it, if you can pronounce the correct spellin

[chorus x1]

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