Nas - Tower Heist

Текст песни Nas - Tower Heist

[Verse 1: Nas]
Born in NYC beastin', the lord left me no choice
Christian pendants, Islamic thoughts, criminal courts
Father forgive, I wanna die like Godfather did
Standing in lineups I'm paying lawyers, ain't trying to bid
Alliances surveillance watching 'em careful when plottin'
My boys were captured on video, farewell to my partners
Ski masks and fake tags in case the car was spotted
Lavish hotels, Central Park West, fly apartments - let's rob it
Forensics get us sentenced so we the smartest
It's livest as Saturday night as I load up a cartridge
Let off the fully, got alibis, no need to worry
Done right, we don't see the prosecutors or grand jury
Reputed mobster style, take the money and run
Count it in warehouses, leave town and live 100 years like crocodiles
Straight up NYC like a Mets fitted
This a tower heist, even Donald Trump can get it

[Hook x2: Nas]

You want respect, money and power, right?
Well let's ride tonight; it's a tower heist

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I got my shades on, got my money in my pocket
Got my J's on, spend a hundred for my watch
I feel amaz-on, it's a jungle in these streets
Choppers be going "bang", your people need be deceased
Everyday is war, living legends you must applaud
So light my cigar, or for the foreigners living large
Dealin' straight raw, the Mercedes in my garage
Your girl on my dick and I may just feel like menage
I came for the cash, me and Nas behind the mask
Cause, bitch, it's a heist, give me ice or lose your life
My profit's so nice me and dog gon' count it twice
It's poppin' tonight, roll the weed, give me a light - UGH!


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