Nasty Savage - Psychopath

PsychopathNasty Savage3:30

Текст песни Nasty Savage - Psychopath

I'm on the psycho path
I'm heading straight for you
I'm in all your nightmares
And you haven't a clue

Hey lady, remember me
I'm the one that felt you
Thinking of me-yeah

So it's all a mystery
You don't know meI'm the one that gave you
Hallucinating dreams

Only time will tell
Depths of confusion
Only mean you will

Don't run, don't hide, come to me
Hold tight, I'll set you free

The mischieve now has fallen
Our thoughts come together
It makes my body tremble
You're here to stay forever

More and more our call is answered
The chosen ones
Will be entered

Don't run, don't hide, come to me
Hold tight, I'll set you free

Soon the world will know
Now mankind shall see
They will take the psycho path
Just like you and me
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