Natalie Imbruglia - Don't You Think

Текст песни Natalie Imbruglia - Don't You Think

Some people, Dont worry, 'Bout nothing, Don't know whats going on,
I'm not one, Who can't say they're sorry,
I just care whats going on, There's more important things,
Than making sure your watch looks just right,
And second hand opinions, Don't make you look any smarter,
Don't you think, Don't you think, Don't you think that maybe it's time,
Yes, its time, Time you started thinking, Time you started thinking,
And don't just sweeten up the taste, Brother shoots brother,
But meanwhile your fixing up your face,
Your not affected by the truth,
Unless it's on your own doorstep,
Deoderise your paradise, No point in getting crazy,

Don't you think, Don't you think, Don't you think that maybe,
It's time, yes it's time,
Time you started thinking 'bout things in the back of your head,
Someone said before you turn a blind eye,
Hear a bell ring sex sells everything, But I don't buy it so don't try iy,
Sleeping in the small world, Head in the sand,
Better wash your hands, make a new plan,
There's more important things than making sure your shoes walk just right,
Ignore reality theres nothing you can do about it,
The clothes you wear don't make the man, It's just another party,
( Chorus )

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