Nate Dogg - Dirty Hoe's Draws

Текст песни Nate Dogg - Dirty Hoe's Draws

Kevin, this is Daryl from Long Beach
man uh, I was wondering if you could uh, play a song for me
me and my lady goin through a few thangs, see
and I'm not feelin very well right now

Yeah, I hear ya, I know how you feel
I've been there, hell we've all been there
For you and all you playaz who got bumped off the playin field
This is the song for you
187.4 on your FM dizzal, WBALLZ

A dirty ho's drawls
That was the cause of it all (x4) (chorus)

Pimpin hustlin playin hoes is all I know
With my homeys on the mash and a pocket full of cash
what more can a nigga ask for
with my strap in my lap and my niggaz back to back
a muthafucka didn't wanna see me
then along came his girl, finest woman in the world
that broad been to my knees

[Chorus x4]

(Now I, dont trust no hoe
And do you, know thats how it goes)

I never thought you were the one
that would try to get a nigga like Ms Spunk

[Chorus x4]

I know you're all in big ones from the start
I really didn't need to, play your heart
But you still have the good looks, DPG blood
you're the only one that, I love
Make me wanna climb up DPG
make me wanna moan make me wanna scream

See as I say it, something about the power of the pussy
It even breaks gangstaz down
Bitch tricked me out of my playaz license

[Chorus x4]

I'll get over you
I gotta get over you
Before I've been a fool
I gotta get over you
(Dirty ho's drawls)

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