Nate Dogg - Scared Of Love

Текст песни Nate Dogg - Scared Of Love

I'm just a man
I'm just a man
I'm just a man
I'm just a man in love

When they asked me
why I dont like love
or why I dont have a lady
maybe its because I know
as soon as I tell her
how I feel about her
as soon as I act like
I love her she's gone

I'm just a man (scared of love)
I'm just a man (is why I dont have a lady)
I'm just a man
I'm just a man in love (chorus)

I really was so into you
but you dont know what I'm going through
you say you really care for me
but in love there's no guarantee
so, I think I outta take my time
cuz love aint no friend of mine you see

Dont let me get you too confused
you're the friend I dont want to lose
if I made a choice its you I choose
but my heart's a tad bit through
so, I try to get you off my mind
but a remedy I cannot find for you


I'm never gonna try to find
another I'm just out for mine
I left so many far behind
but traces they'll never find
no, I can cover all my tracks (all my tracks)
wont be nothing gettin back to you

Now dont think that I'm being rude
because I wont commit to you
and other women want to screw
whats a player supposed to do
so, I'll be slippin on my hat
I wont be bringin nothing back to you

[Chorus x2]

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