Natural - 20 Something

Текст песни Natural - 20 Something

What would you do?
I dunno...

[Verse 1]
20 somethin' tryin' to get my fuckin' life straight
I'm makin' lifestyle choices that some might hate
I lost the girl of my dreams
Chasin' after dreams
And yet, once it happens, you realize it wasn't what it seemed
No time table for how long a heart take
Social network gets harder on a heartbreak
Had the girl, plus the place and a steady job
But lookin' back, damn, I was already flawed
Mirages, of all the shit you're supposed to do
Body count of women and the hoes you're supposed to screw
To Tell ya the truth, I really didn't miss it
It's history repeatin', now my future's reminiscent'
The long nights seem to go on and on
Trust 'em? naw, I pull out with the condom on
Like, sunglasses and Plan Bs
I'm 26: I'm not ready for a family
But my mind's open
Why every girl I'm tryin' to love turn out to be already broken?
I gave up on the puzzle; I had to finished mine
Scars of the heart, diminishing with time

20 something

I don't know though

I know she's still out there

What would you do?
I dunno but...

[Verse 2]
On the hunt for harmony I'm on the crossroads
Too afraid to jaywalk, but haven't lost hope
A lotta people I know stuck sinnin'
Both sides of the tracks nothin' but shit luck with 'em
I'd be remissed if I didn't love my upbringing
Havin' both parents was amazing in itself
Both had philosophies of another kind
Thank god every day they raised me colorblind
Kept safe from the wrath of racial ignorance
Reminded every day that their parents were some immigrants

And since my childhood, when I bathed in innocence
I've had the right guides: my pride's immense
But it's cold out here, I got friends with nothin'
And when those threats ring out, they ain't bluffin'
Handshakes and handoffs
Dollar bills and takeaways
Four ski masks in the whip for the takeaway
The phone keeps ringin', we're dyin' for a breakaway
Loyal yesterday, met a DA, a snake today
And these detectives are around, shit
Dunkin Donuts cups stuffed in some Crown Vics
They watchin'
But what would you do?
Gotta make a choice...

What would you do?
I dunno but...

[Verse 3]
On the real I'm so attracted to this rap shit
Now I got a team that I get to go to bat with
'Bout to walk off, Big Papi with the bat flip (see ya!)
Used to be a fan, now you can't touch me: cactus
Shit's changed since I was admirin'
Economy fucked: not even UPS is hirin'
Fiend for this rappin' I never dropped my Heineken
Joe skinny like your jeans Dude's a bunch of liars man
What the fuck man?
Someone bring Pac back!
Half you dudes promotin' nonsense: stop that!
Honesty's my Blueprint
It's what I'm about
Sayin' you're the best
Got me feelin' Reasonable Doubt
They say success lonely, I'd say it's worth a try
Like the lottery when it’s big, dog it’s worth a buy
Natural: what you hear is what I am
And everything they said I couldn't be
Is everything I am

I feel them eyes peerin' onto me
Right where I wanna be

20 somethin'

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