Natural - City Kids (Official Remix)

Текст песни Natural - City Kids (Official Remix)

What up bruh
Me give a fuck? Nah
Talk my shit, while I walk it out
Kick your crutch down
No love lost
Business and such now
Headed past you fools
Both arms up, touchdown

I Got ya son set
Ya mom up till sunrise
Thief in the night
Shit I’m gone before the cum dries
School of hard knocks
Beers with the alumni
Cops askin' shit
Angels cry
Like a nuns lie

Missed shots, close calls
Swear I broke the post
Dudes worried bout blog posts
I’m like okie dokes
Provoke me? No
I’m busy tryna hit the coast
Circle tighter than an asshole
Loyaltys never broke

Give a fuck about the game
Not what you thought is hot
Couldn’t top Nat with a Top hat
Stop me? nah
Stock in me? best believe you better cop alot
Fuck ya thoughts
More critics than cops at a coffee shop

[Chorus: Natural]

How could you not love a guy like me?
Whole fam ride with him until he D.I.E
Loyalty to a T, where we tryna be?
We just some city kids
Tryna run the city kid

How could you not love a crew like we
We done brushed off our shoulders
Bout to wipe our sleeve
Fresh dressed to a t
Liquor poured for free
We just some city kids
Tryna run the city kid

[Verse 2: Michael Christmas]
Dwight shrew
Nice boots
Drink the milk
Out the bowl

Don't make me have to find you
Take ya lunch money
Naked like juice
Dutch pulled the car up and whip it like Bruce
Flow on this shit too ridiculous to compute
With a black lady, eat the licorice watch 'the view'
I just want to function and be niggerish with my dudes
Coming out the water see the fish can fly too
I think I'm Britney Spears, oops I did it times 2
Fall in love with chicks always under 5'2
Make my dick feel like 30 times huge
I clean up nice, I got dirty rhymes too
City Kids screaming fuck the Channel 5 news
Flippin' whips
Three fingers
Drop two
Fuck ya parents kid

Go Nat
Go Nat

[Verse 3: Natural]

Flow better
I chose cheddar
Go getter
Take pictures with bitches that wanna blow? never
The hoes wetter
You dudes better run
Cuz my city kids tougher than DMC in all leather

Young Costner aka Cash Davis
Cuz my siblings got dreams that are far past Avis
Hurts you for that enterprise, this is that semper fi
Forever faithful the ones you ain’t meant to try
Two in ya temple guy
Put a start to that
This flow you know there’s an art to that
Cuz Indiana Jones couldn’t find this artifact
You dudes rappin’ with OUT
The art of facts
Get rich or die tryin
Like fifty did
Hustle hard
Till the cash increase
And her titties big
Just some city kids tryna run the city kid
And you half you clowns still can’t believe half the shit we did
I’m the man with this, shows in Los Angeles
Perspective gets gained, man, promise I can handle it
Took in what I could, I am the City’s apprentice
My streak? the number one reason you’ll grow to resent this
Even if they outrun me? I'm steady jumpin' fences
Or square up old school, and I'll call you a dentist, BANG!
Do ya research before I come through
While you're sleeping on me?
I'm making dreams come true mother fucker

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