Natural - February

Текст песни Natural - February

[Verse 1: Natural]

Another day
Bright nights
And those days darker than most
Cuz you don’t know what to say
Flip the page
Moving back and forth between the streams of consciousness
That overlook my path of thought
My train of thought
It's off the tracks
And I’ve been trying to think how
I’m getting back
Want her in but I want it out
Now I’m sitting here
And the inner battle spillin' out
Tweaking out
Demons verse the angels
And vice versa
With or without her
Like whats worser?

And what are the fires without smoke?
Those internal struggles
Everyday without hope
It's a double edged sword
Try to drink it away
Cuz fuck it hurts
The ones you love the most
The ones that wanna cut you the worst
Double sword loving is sweeter
But when that blade turns
The cut is just deeper

[Hook: Natural]
Coldest February
The coldest February

The coldest February
Coldest February
The coldest February
Coldest February

Cuz she knows the ins and outs
Nights away
Knows what you thinkin' about
Got me drinkin i’m out
Just swear I’m temporarily in doubt
I love you so much
We mention the day
That we stop putting off
And take you away
Sometimes it's great
Sometimes it's fine
But the thought of a man
Taking whats mine!?
It's making me sick
I only wanted to see
You recognize the things
You were doing to me
But I can’t
Back and forth
This games crazy
Sitting back like you never seen me
Please save me
Everything I did
Nah girl, I can’t do it again
Trying, and to pick up the pen
Is like making immense
Should be feeling better, but it’s only killing my sense
For you? I wanted to be
Tried to make you feel better
But the only change was me
And now I’m gone...

[Hook: Repeat]

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