Natural - Go To Work

Текст песни Natural - Go To Work


[Hook: Natural]

Cuz Bitch I go to Work

I go to work
I go to work
I go to work


I go to work
I go to work
I go to work


I go to work
I got the money coming in
Got the money coming out
I got that money coming in
I got that money coming out

[Verse 1: Natural]

Recession proof
I ain’t waiting on a tax break
3rd job in, I’ve been stayin up mad late
Rent due, but that was due weeks ago
And the girl was all good, but that was just a freak ago

I'm Writing bars, I should be writing Resumes
Online checking
Got me feeling like misery
Another shift in, five more hours
3 hours of sleep, I just wanna take a shower man!

Tight knit, pants dirty, plus the scally's grey
I gets nasty like an alleyway
On St. Paddys day
I'm seeing what the tallies say
But at the end of the day?

I'm STILL paying Sallie Mae

You know the deal
Weekends never long enough
The bar shut down
And the drinks were never strong enough
So don’t be surprised when I go out Sunday
Drink all night
Still drunk on Monday

[Hook: Repeat]

[Verse 2: Natural]

Work hard, play hard
Do what ya gotta do
Highs balance out the lows
Long hours, lots of booze

The morning rush, trains packed with alotta dudes
Cars on E, the bus late, I thought I caught it to
Go to work, afterwards I’m with my friends

Told myself I wasn’t drinking
Now it’s making tons of sense
Last night started slow, now its lookin' like a gem
Like Jay in 99, tomorrow? I’mma do it again

So fuck Friday, we balls out Monday
I woke up Tuesday with a girl off the runway
Worked out Wednesday, Thursday I was thirsty
So was she, and I ain’t show her no mercy

Life is hard, but shit, it could be worse
Second place aight, but it could be first
Tomorrow morning coming fast, know it's gonna hurt
But whether it's the job or the girls? Bitch I go to work

[Hook: Repeat]


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