Natural - Grand Marquis

Текст песни Natural - Grand Marquis

[Verse 1: Natural]

Same friends since my first communion
Now we reppin' carpenters, electric unions
Mad drugs around
Even with the middle class
Addiction issues everyday
Dudes cock the griddle fast

We moving
Yeah we eat whatevers edible
Amounts of drinking make you think it's socially acceptable
Economy is shit, you stop and think
Can’t afford gas
Let alone afford a shrink
So when the problems stack up?
And you're standing on the brink?
There's someone right there tryna' hand you a drink
Somehow, there's always money left to drink...
No Beamer Benz or Bentley
Grand Marquis tank on empty
It’s kind of funny how they act now
Speaking like they know me
With no real clue about my background
From a small town
But in the grand scheme of things?
Even if I don’t blow
I roll with a team of kings
Well I guess they want a timeline
Natural, The kid a man I’m aging like a fine wine
June 85, now I’m here and the lights lime
Flight time, runnin outta choice
Five shows in four days got me losing voice
I hear the whispers
Especially around acquaintances
I prefer enemies
Least they show blatantness
Try to stay where the middle is
Same crew around
Since the days we were little kids
Put the visors down
Couple photographs
Memories stashed in the glovey
We ain’t going back
Rearview, keep it going Nat

[Hook: Natural]

I’m just
Riding round in my Grand Marquis
Down childhood streets all eyes on me
Just thinking bout' the world and all her ways
Thinking bout' the game and how to get paid

95 on that 95
Got my windows rolled down
That’s how I ride
Thinking bout' the world and all her ways
Family gotta keep em' safe, man I gotta get paid

[Verse 2: Natural]

Girl broke my soul
No I’ll never let her back
And my self esteem no I’ll never let it crack
They say never say never Nat
How you measure that?
When fam and friends are the X on ya treasure map

Life without restriction push the new edition
Friction with the misses means affliction with your business
So I chose the best out of my pickins', learned my lessons
And handed out the evictions, but notice that

That I ain’t ever slowed down
The pedal only thing that goes down
You got no time when the thrones preferred
But as of now my rents late and my loans deferred

No jobs out there, but I’m tryna pay loans
All my friends going out, I should probably stay home
No way, I’m feeling like no way
Money coming in, but it’s coming in the slow way

Fuck it, you only live once right?
Bottle kind pricey, and the dc tight
If that don’t make it than the CC might
I get my check tomorrow, you believe me right?

Well fuck it, you’ll make it up when you're older
Back and forth go the wings and horns on ya shoulders
My girl said we were soulmates at age 25
But Kanye said “wait till' my moneys right”
And still, neither one worked out yet
But this rap shit seeming like the perfect outlet
Shit, I’m just thinking out loud
Going for a drive, here we go, right now, I'm just...

[Hook: Repeat]

[Verse 3: Natural]

My sweetest dreams man, they ain’t even made of cheese
Family safe and healthy, dreams are made of these
My little sister almost died when she was made ya see
So I’m pretty sure calm is something I’ll never be

But I’m focused on longevity
So these new dudes won’t have nothing when they step to me
Get lost tryna manage things I can’t control
And it’s driving me crazy tryna fill the holes

Move swiftly, tryna make it through the latest stage
Tryna figure why my brothers can’t act they’re fuckin' age
But they family, never on the back burn
Plus I trust em’ even when there's stacks earned

Alotta dudes would fuck ya girl while ya backs turned
But I ain’t concerned, cuz my trust only lies in fam
These other cats couldn’t catch me with a headstart
Rather talk drugs or how they let the lead spark

Buncha liars, it’s why I’ve only read parts
Buncha clowns turning Hip-Hop, to a dead art
I’m looking for a label, people tryna label me
Backpack, frat rap
Bring it to the table G?

I don’t know, who doesn’t want fat stacks?
But I’ll be damned, if I fuck girls like Kat Stacks
Eighties baby, cooler since the brat packs
Blazing a trail, you other mother fuckers tracks whack
I got a buzz like a pregnancy
Bigger everyday
Man I leave no discrepancies
Got my windows down
Grandfathers old car, I’m just thinkin' out loud

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