Natural - Postcards

Текст песни Natural - Postcards

[Natural - Postcards]

[Verse 1: Natural]
Early morning sex, brek in bed, maple oatmeal
Glass of OJ, hit the gym, tip the whole scale
Rhymes by the bundle, I got the shit on wholesale
Plus all these come up mother fuckers on my coat tails

I’ll deal with them once I’m home
Meanwhile I’m lost
In I don’t know what time zone

Poppin' up in Spain
You would think I was balling
But I was smart with a budget
Foreign seas were calling

Such a dope flow, stay hooked bitches
Know I got em’ so mad off my facebook pictures
Soaked it all in
Everyday I wrote hard
Backdrops like desktops
Better yet a postcard

My dream girl, cheap bottles of wine
In places
Even she thought
The models was fine

And she’s an eleven
I’m headed towards hell
So I second bested heaven

Her body, spotless
Mediterranean sun, she’s topless
We don't got a fuckin' care in the world

[Voiceover: Natural]

Yeah Yeah it's me. Nah dude I'll be home soon
I'm out in fucking Spain. Yeah
I'll send you a postcard or some shit

[Verse 2: Natural]

Started out in Sweden
Then we bounced to Bareclona
The bars never close
Drink your self into a coma

5 star resort
To hostels in Sitges
Riding around on some trains
No one cares where they lead us

Poppin' up in France
Toured that bitch like Lance
Nice was Nice
Except the beaches had rocks for sand

Riding horses in the South
I mean the views was hot
And Monte Carlo had the whips
Rappers saying they got

Waking up in Paris
Sweet city of lights
Made love throughout the day
Sipped wine through the night

Fall in love like you have to
Another tourist map used

I don’t got ink
But my passport is tattooed

Whispers in my ear
I don’t understand it
But the way she speak in tongues
Got me hot goddammit

Went from closing the door
To clothes on the floor
Empty bottle of wine
Everythings fine...

We don’t got a fucking care in the world

[Voiceover: Natural]

Ay yo Court will you come over and talk to this dude?
I just want a fuckin' pizza, can you tell him that?
I just want a fuckin' pizza
Aight, that's cool, whatever man
Mozzarella, I don't give a fuck, just give me a pizza

[Verse 3: Natural]

Back to Ireland
And I’ve been dreaming bout my motherland
Got my people at home
Now it’s time to see my other fam

Hit the bus with no sleep
Wound up in Cork
Clonakilty for some pudding
I’ll be back for more

Found some Anglins
Yes, chopped it up with my relatives
Over 6 feet they joked
Like the big fella kid

Prophecy, alot to see
And I’ve seen alot but see
Nothing moves you
Like people from ya genealogy

My fam blessed me
Yeah they made me the best me
Loyalty runs deep in my ancestry

So does alcohol
Hit the city fellows
Porter Brews in Porterhouse
Velvet ropes at Bordellos

Kid flows dope
Not bad for a cracker
Dressed all GQ
Still gets love from the knackers

Rooftop in Dublin
View like god damn
You could paint a portrait of this artist
This young man
Irish breakfast, soul food
Used to be homeschooled
Got the bachelors
Now I’m a master with the pro tools

[Voiceover: Natural]
Yeah man. Standing in the, standing in the house my grandfather was born in
Can't write this shit bro

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