Natural - Success (Introduction)

Текст песни Natural - Success (Introduction)

[Natural - Introduction (Success)]
How’d you get stuck in rap
Got me lookin' at sleep, like what the fuck is that?
And still, theres no money to show
The city less about the dough
More about people you know
Yeah I’m Cool with different camps
Ballers to the scholars
Where everyone knows everyone
Our circles just smaller
I don’t fuck with yes men, critiques is never subtle
But those same friends of mine would show up with the shovel
Confidence on blast, I never had to act hard
Loyalty was born when were babies in that backyard
And yet they keeping asking, what if you don’t blow?
I’m focused on now, the answer? I don’t know
What would you rather be, healthy or wealthy?
But where I’m from those two are one in the same
And success is always measured by the health of my family
So I don’t care if I’m the one runnin' the game

But back to matters at hand
It don’t matter what you say, only matters if you can
20 something flow, got me loving the hate

Imagine all this comes just from catching a break?
Oh well, at least I’m known in the state
And with this one? I’mma make a federal case
They say I’m white, what!? like cuz I’m pale it’s embarrassing
When it comes to flow
You dudes pale in comparison
Think I’m onto something
I’m stready tryna breathe it in
Fuck a hater
I got way more people that believe in him
Brothers back in court
Parents back in forth
Naturals back with a force
You dudes are a force
And I’m a force to be reckoned with
You hear this flow? You GOT to respect the kid
Showed my ass with that first release
Then I jumped overseas to make that buzz increase
Yeah I'm working my ass off, I just hope it shows
I’m taking a shot, I just hope it goes
I just hope it goes
20 something...

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