Natural - Tequila Day Dreams

Текст песни Natural - Tequila Day Dreams

[Verse: Natural]

Hate the news, I watch it anyway
Kids get shot by cops, that shits everyday
Oh well
I hope he in heaven still
Cop of the year
It's not pleasant down in Pleasantville
Oh well
Guess I gotta just breathe slow
When it comes to failin' I'm a virgin, Tim Tebow
Not a gangsta, but I been through hella shit
Ears to the streets shit I hears like a therapist
Alot of eyes closed but you know mines be open
Passed out, no movement like my spine is broken
Dry mouth, morning sex, you know hers be soaken
Breakfast in bed, Gatorades and Ibuprofens
Rebuilding stage, yeah the next chapters soon
Back to sleep the morning, sex away the afternoon
Drink the whole day instead of what I have to do
Those tequila day dreams, another shot passed to you
Pass back out, arise like a vampire
Shine bright in the night time, camp fire
I got my buzz on, it's feeling like my time
My grind, until my bedroom view? Skyline

I ain't waiting round' for all these other assholes
Show up to a show and kill the crowd increase the cashflow
Late on stage cuz' my girl wanna smash slow, life moves fast
We only here for a flash bro
I'm drunk
I got it going like the old days
85' born, so immersed in the old ways
Last year I was getting tested for venereals
Crushing up Plan B's in her cereal
This year?
Shit's going well shit I stack cheese
So you know these snake ass dudes tryna dap these
Got me flying high like I'm rappin' on the trapeze
And other fake lames still yappin' bout the gat squeeze (Really?)

[Hook: Natural]

The sun set and rise
But I'm awake still
Ice clube clinks
Silver liqour stays still
This is just another tequila day dream
One more shot is all that my day brings...

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