Natural - Wait Your Turn

Текст песни Natural - Wait Your Turn

Wait Your Turn

[Intro: Ben Affleck]
In 20 years if you're still ... living here
Coming over my house to watch the Patriots game
Still working construction. I'll fucking kill ya'
That's not a threat. That's a fact. I'll fucking kill ya'

[Hook: Natural]
Man they keep tellin' me
Man they keep tellin' me
Just just (wait for your turn)
Just just (wait for your turn)
Man they keep tellin' me
Man they keep tellin' me
Just just (wait for your turn)
Just just (wait for your turn)

[Verse 1: Natural]

No dough to blow, less time to burn
I ain’t waiting for shit, nevermind my turn
Make mistakes
Try and learn from lessons
Dudes is counting they money
I’m busy counting my blessings
Yellin’ money over bitches
When you ain’t got either
Collector on the other end of the receiver
Broke, could transform an atheist to a believer
And make ya stepford wife step out instead of leave ya
America the beautiful, you don’t stand a chance
Where you can get a pizza, faster than an ambulance
Politics as usual, ya prison is a cubical
Engaged to your job, but ya girl so beautiful
Ivy league degree, steal a milli times three
Walk out the front door like don’t you mind me
Blame problems on society and gangstas shootin' guys
Even though the ones with ski masks, got suits and ties

[Voiceover: Natural]

They keep sayin' like ...
Yo man you gotta be patient ya gotta wait ya turn
I'm like fuck that, dog. I'm going right now

[Verse 2: Natural]
Fame and Fortune
Ya all obsessed
They say I’m dreamin
But I’m showin progress
So god bless
I’m turning mine to reality
While ya sleeping, are you following?
Nod yes
I ain’t tryna be dude who signed the last deal
Signing bonus might as well be ya last meal
Buncha known fakes
Poppin’ mollys, shooting dudes
Big rims and entourages that condone rape
Wait my turn? Shit, I say I earned a shot
I got the fans hands up, it’s they turn to talk
Class in session
If you acting like an asshole
I’mma be the one that put ya ass in question
Sign on my dick fellas, stay off
I’m too cool for school, like a day off
Save ferris
Want a four hour work week
Good music, bad women
Great friends, ya heard me?

[Hook: Natural]

[Outro: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck]
Matt: That maybe. But at least I won't be unoriginal
But I mean if you have a problem with that I mean
We can just step outside and figure it out

Ben: My boys wicked smaht !

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