Natural - Who Do You Love Freestyle

Текст песни Natural - Who Do You Love Freestyle

[Verse 1: Natural ]

If I did it for the love ?
Then it missed me
In a town
Where they rather let a bitch speak
And I use that assuming it’s unisex
Loudmouth dude or a chick in a puny dress
They try to say ignore all the friction
But I’m a man, and a man got convictions
And I ain’t talking like I gotsa a record
But I be holding down my city
Dudes gotta respect it
Cool from the burbs to the stoop ho
Say you got a deal, I don’t see the proof doe
Cops come I’m probably gone like poof yo
Cooler than cool since building with Duplos

Since 'knick knack paddy whack'
20 something years breaking hearts in my scally cap
Now they bumpin' my music out in crack zones
Chicks 'out my league' on IR with they backs blown
Truth is what they hate to bring
I’m in the club wit a bad Jamaican ting
Pop star looks, but you know she hate to sing
Airhorns going off, she tryna make a king
I don’t pop molly, I pop shit
Y'all don’t bottles, pop models or pop clips
Buncha bullshit, ya wanna be evil but
We don’t believe you, you need more people
Hold my breath while my crew let the drugs blow
Pray tonight that my city don’t let slugs go
Brought her home cuz she was cool w my cuz
Man I hit it from back yellin' bitch who do you love?

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