Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop's Pain

Текст песни Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop's Pain

feat. Renee Neufville (of Zhane)
* track borrows from The Game's "Game's Pain"

[Treach - Intro]
Oh, this sound real summer-like here
Hahaha! New Jeru comin through, OOH!

[Chorus: Renee Neufville]
Ever since the day I got the chance to make a change
I've been in this game, it's a new day
And I'm makin it known 'cause, I just want the world to know
Y'all fill in these shoes, and I got the utmost, I just wanna let you know
I'm payin homage 'cause, you've rep this game for meeeeee

[Treach - Verse One]
Time to get your ride on, (fireworks!) Yeah 4th of July on
From your Naughty neighbors, or your Uncle IIcons
Only hip-hop could breed superstars from criminals
and new generation of generals
All the children rap, plus they feelin that
Runnin for the summer, we finally got that feelin back (Ohh yeah!)
You see the party, see the pain from T-Pain
Thanks to Lil Wayne, Shawn record sales regain (yeah!)
Lil Weezy and Jeezy, come and feed me, I'm needy
And hip-hop get that O.G. greedy
Clap to that, rap to this, rapper chicks slap or hiss
Put some Lil' Mama on, bump up some Fabolous
Check Jimmy and Juelz, wit them ByrdGang rules
And we love to hear 'em turn slang - true!
VROOM VROOM in the Beamer, ladies got the money lookin greener
Rah Digga, Shawnna, and Trina - c'mon


[Vin Rock - Verse Two]
Yo, we got the world unified like La Costra Nostra
Protect hip-hop from these culture vultures
Huh, it gets worse before it gets better
You don't believe, ick up a book and read the Willie Lynch letter
Ha ha! - Hung to build to big-up the next man
And when it comes to hip-hop, I'ma ALWAYS be a fan
Peace to Papoose, Saigon, Kanye
Rich Boy, Akon, Red Cafe (waddup Luda?)

The public's out to be debated on
These new artists should be praised instead of hated on
So before we start another senseless war in rap
Naughty By Nature came to bridge the gap
Yo, all that beef is wack! We gotta show some love to one another
'Cause, bottom line, we all brothers from another mother
Before, I bounce, I gotta mention was nobody iller
R.I.P. Static/Major and the homey J Dilla (J Dilla)


[Treach - Verse Three]
A new era, new tale
New style and jew-els, damn y'all fit them shoes well
Soulja Boy, thanks to you
You keep a jam through them schools that ALL my kids dancin to
Miami dawgs keep the sticky drawers
We need a "Boss" like Ross, so never pick a pause, Ricky Ross
Let's lasso the past flow
Grab for the cash flow, and hooray with Lupe Fiasco
Kickin rhymes with Plies, gettin juicy from groupies
Rubbin thighs, gettin woozy with Boosie (Ho ho!)
We had to hit you with them bigger raps
'Specially after Ray J and Yung Berg bought the bad bitches back
Thanks to Game for the concept
And thank God for helping, T.I. get his time clear
New money, new office, new bosses
Time for y'all to hear it, call Jimmy to clear it


[Treach - Outro]
That's right..
Over here gettin more higher wit Flo Rida
Haha! Wassup Lil' Scrappy?
You over there scrappin in that rappin
Yo, love to hear it baby..
This ain't no Cha-Milli Vanilli
We Cha-millionaires, over here
Throw it in the air baby!
Yeah, hold ya head Remy Ma
We got your back, baby
Hip-hop is here

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