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Текст песни Navio Forge - Manufactured Images Of Jesus Christ

It was your hands
that reached down my throat
to pull up lips
that seemed
to chatter in circles

Moving ever so close
to nothing,
sinking ever so close
to pain

Sit down
the chairs move
so I must sit in one
to claim an identity

And yes, no more
will my teeth be rotted
by these words
subdue my shallow reality
and blank away
a false front
till next time

You ask me,
and I don't move
my lips just chatter
endlessly around

Now comes the time
to let you go into yours
and you never looked around
to see
yes blinders

were with you
the latter part of life
who installed them
I know we are born
with them
did yours come over
your eyes
with time?
They shouldn't have
your eyes
should have
been wide

So wide

You installed them
you misplaced your vision
your one-way eyes

You made it possible
not to see anything else, you
you were the one
you misplaced your eyes
and brought the blinders
that marked your vision
in one direction

You were the one

I miss you


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