Nazareth - Shanghai'd In Shanghai

Shanghai'd In ShanghaiNazareth3:44

Текст песни Nazareth - Shanghai'd In Shanghai

Standing on a corner in downtown L.A.
Waiting for the man to come along
She comes up to me and says too bad, too sad
You know that he's been dead and gone.
L.A. lady, kinda shady
She picked him up and took him home
I woke up groggy my sight was smoggy
And I knew that it had been blown
Early in the morning sitting in a hotel
Moscow's looking fine through the wine
Spaced out I crashed out
When the K.G.B. came on the line.
It's a cold one, bein' sent down
It's gotta be fifty below
Mama here's a postcard to let you know
I'm in a saltmine and looking for coal
Shanghai'd in Shanghai

Stood on in Tuscon
Ripped off and kicked right out the bed
Flyin' across the desert from Texas to Tuscon
But we're headed for a southern star
The captain says it's fine in Havana
This dude behind me needs a cigar.
He's a big one, he's got a big gun
I guess we better go along
Mister we've got a gig in Arizona
Second billing to the Rolling Stones
Shanghai'd in Shanghai
Stood on in Tuscon
Ripped off and kicked right out the bed
Shanghai'd in Shanghai
Laid low in 'Frisco
Done in and left behind for dead

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