Nazareth - Telegram, Pts. 1 & 4

Текст песни Nazareth - Telegram, Pts. 1 & 4

(part 1 on your way)

Sent a telegram today
Tomorrow you'll be on your way
Could be memphis or l.a.
No questions just get out and play.

Wake up call to catch the plane
You know you're on the road again
Someone's bangin' in your head
Why did you get so late to bed.
Runnin' late and feelin' bad
That breakfast was the worst you've had
Make the gate no time to spare
Before you know you're in the air.

747 flies us high
Much higher than we're meant to be
You're six miles high but feelin' down
You wish you could be on the ground.

Find your bags and walk for miles
The customs man is waitin' there
Immigration cause delay
You wonder if you'll ever play.
Limousine is standin' by
We get inside and drive a while
F.m. station soundin' good
And gettin' better every mile.

Hotel lobby looks the same
With all the same old girls in town

Press reception takes the day
With all the same old things to say
Need your picture smile this way
And will you tell me what you play

(part 2 so you wanna be a rock'n'roll star)
Roger mcguinn/chris hillman (copyright 1966 tickson music co. (bmi)

So you wanna be a rock'n'roll star
Just listen now to what i say
Get yourself an electric guitar
And take some time and learn to play.

(part 3 sound check)

Your roadies call to say ok
The soundcheck can get underway
Soundcheckover, had some fun
A waste of time for everyone
Time has come to start the show
It's boogie time for everyone
Check guitars before you go
They're close enough for rock n roll
The lights are low,
The crowd is high,much higher than
They're meant to be
We take the stage and start to play
The lights come up for all to see

(part4 here we are again)

Here we are again, singin' the same old songs
Lookin for someone who will sing along
Here we are again playin' the same old scenes
Lookin'for someone who will share our dreams
Here we are again facing the same old sights
Lookin' for someone who will share our nights

Words and music by nazareth
Copyright 1975 jenevieve music (bmi)

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