Nazareth - Trouble


Текст песни Nazareth - Trouble

A ship comes in from africa

Carrying forbidden cargo

Gonna bring somebody lots a trouble

Theres a family out in ohio

Gonna step on it and make it grow

Gonna fool some people at the double

Let it all go round

And it all comes down

A captain down in florida

Knows a man back in chicago

Every deal you know hes makin money

Rico comes from texas way

With a senorita from el paso

Glad hes found the land of milk and honey

Let it all go round

And it all comes down

g man down in panama

Cuts a trail to barcelona

Dip-lo-matic bag will be no hassle

Sails into the big t.o.

Thru the pipeline to alaska

Shes the one in town with something special

Maybe you maybe me maybe them

Look at you look at me look at them

Cut it out

You dont need it anyway

Sees its face in tennessee

Knows a place in casablanca

Detroit city never was a stranger

On the streets of amsterdam

London town and all around us

Everywhere we look we see the danger

Let it all go round

And it all comes down


Copyright 1989 m.a.c.s. music

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