Nb Ridaz - I Had A Choice

Текст песни Nb Ridaz - I Had A Choice

featuring Mark T and Sonny Williams
[Mark T & Sonny]
Holdin' hands, strollin' through the park (Oooohhh)Sweet memories (Yeahhh)Are torn apart (Ooohh)I made a promise I could not keep (I could not keep)
I played around, oh girl, I made you weep
[Chorus- Mark T & Sonny]
I had a choice, and I chose wrongI made a promise, girl, to leave it aloneYou gave me trust, I threw it away Baby, please
[NBK]NBKMark TSonny, Son, SonYeah How roses, love notes, and apologies does it take?How many more lonely nights do I stay awake?Reminiscin' of the times you would do whatever Sneak out your window so that we can be together And when your daddy said he would kill your boyfriend Not even he could seperate us back thenI wish these thoughts would've been going through my mindWhen I broke this promise and I made you cry Forgive me, I wish it was a dream, that I might awakeTo your lovin' arms around meI guess I gave in to man's deepest weaknessI'm at your mercy begging for forgivenessI had a choice and I chose wrongNow I'm trying to make it better writing you this songI love you more than anything up in this worldNever wanna lose you, forgive me, girl, uh

I sat back, took my time, wrote these rhymes
Words I never express, the type of things that I'm sayin'
Right out the top of the head, I ain't lyin'
Even cried when I wrote it, and every time I read it
Tear it up and throw it
Think of back to the days when you didn't know what life was
Cuz at the same time I gave it to ya, I took it from ya
And now I understand why you can't look me in my eyes there again
Sittin' underneath the candle light tryin' to 'rize the same lines
Feel it even more when the paper tore from writin' so hard
All hands down with my heart on the floor
Cuz I knew I fucked up, comin' out a broken man
Please, Lord, control my hand and have your angels bless these words

>From a man coming from a broken world
And every time I stopped, your face I saw, your voice I heard
Visions of your tears hauntin' my dreams
Forgive me


[Mark T & Sonny]
Cuz girl, you know that I wanna love you forever more
Forever and ever, never, n-n-never leave me, baby
I wanna have you right by my side
Cuz you are my lady
Please don't leave me, baby, baby

[Chorus to end]
I got to have you by my side
I made a promise, girl
I wanna do you right
Oh yeahhhh
Lady, lady

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