Nb Ridaz - Runaway

Текст песни Nb Ridaz - Runaway

i would give my life for you you mean the world to me baby baby babe.ooh you know i love you (uh huh c'mon) and i wanna be together we can runaway (this is nb ridaz) just me and you (same click new title) just you and me will you run away with me.
The day i wrote these words for you i cried i could have died that day a happy and complete man cuz in the palm of my hands evry thing i dreamed for the most and you that im down for yours forever in life the reason that i made you my wife is because you see me for me the real me and love me unconditionally and even with the circumstances i had you still gave me a chance and thats why i live and breath for you and the kids and you give me more what this thing could ever give to me and now my life is satisfied and complete visions are coming true yeah of me and you placing rings on eachother fingers sayin i do you stuck with me through my thick and my thin to go back and live life over again nah this is my destiny it was worth the agony to get the ecstasy.

we can runaway and spend some time ill always be the one right by your side tell the whole world you belong to me you are my everything ooh i wanna run away with you do do do do do do do do dooo.

i never ever met a shorty that was quite like you and even though it was wrong i fell in love with you and now we sit here not really knowing what to do but im sure that you know ill give the world to you if i could runaway with you i wouldnt even think twice i promise girl ill put it all on the line i know forever seems to be along time but thats what im seein when i look into your eyes and it dont matter what your friends might say cuz i know deep inside you feel the same way you can tell me what you want but i can read your mind so quit lyin to yourself and put your hand in mine i get excited everytime you come close and bein right here with you is what i love the most so anytime your feelin lonely inside we can runaway together leave this world behind


wakin up in the morning and your still not there cant we runaway and escape some where missin your soft touch 'your lips next to mine, holdin of your hand as you looked into my eyes what must have happened to the love we both felt inside emotions was strong and the feeling was right now we dont speak anymore you went your own way if thats what loves about then i was misled go ahead and take your time if thats what you need my love for you is forever my heart for you bleeds things happen for a reason so i ask myself should i be strong and wait or move on to someone else i know you still love me i can feel it inside you always kept it real no games no lies if your ever feelin lonely feel the need to get away call me up ill be there together we'll runaway


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