Nb Ridaz - So Fly

Текст песни Nb Ridaz - So Fly

feat. Big Gemini

[Zig Zag] Oh-oooh-oh
[Big Gemini] You so fly, lady

Chorus: Big Gemini
You look so fly
So cool
Tell me girl, can I talk to you?
I'm only in town
For one night
Let me know if you down to ride
So fly, so cool
Tell me girl, can I talk to you?
I'm only in town
For one night
Let me know if you down to ride

[Zig Zag]
If you think you're lonely now
Just wait until tonight

[Verse 1]
I know, I been on the road and away from home
But I been fiendin' for you
Dreaming of you
And what I'm gonna
Do when I have you alone
You heard the message
On your cellphone, he sayin'
"Daddy's home"
I'm about to put it down, got you
Runnin' around
Half-naked around the house {*laughing*}
And this isn't just fast
Sex, we makin' love until we both climax
I know you miss me
I can tell by the
You kiss me
There's no other place
You rather be, but here in ecstacy
With me
I'll let someone's who's gonna love you right
Even if I'm home for just one night
You know it's alright
It's me and you, Zig Zag and Mary Jane
You lovin's got me never wanting to leave, again

Repeat Chorus

[MC Magic]
The way you move that body
Twist those hips
I just wanna know, can I tell you this

[Verse 2]
That you're the type of girl I wanna roll with me tonight

I'm at the Double Tree, I got an early flight
But nothin'
Could be better than to kick it with you
I'm talkin' more than a one-night rendez-vous
You can call it what you want, but I'm a treat you right
It's like a fantasy, girl, close your eyes
Take my time when I touch that body
Get you so hot
You wanna top naughty
Suga Suga
How you'd get so fly
I'm down for yours, if you down for mine
Mamacita, chula sexy chica
Meet me in the room, I'm in 602
Cause all I wanna do
Is have a party for two
Baby girl, tonight, it's me and you

Hook: Big Gemini
The way you movin' that body and twistin' those hips
Working those eyes and licking those lips
Oh, my (Oh my, baby)
So fly (You so fly, lady)

Repeat Hook

[MC Magic]
"Tell me somethin' girl" --> Dos

[Verse 3: Dos]
Tell me somethin' girl
You down to make it hot
It's that freaky-deeky rider sexin' you, non-stop
Love the way I touch you, I'm breakin' you down
You say you shouldn't do this
You still goin' down
Now we on the floor
You moan and you groan
Holding me tight
Telling me, you want more?
I see you feeling freaky, we're on another level
Got me serving you now
On a dinner table
How do you want it?
How does it feel?
The way you lick your lips, girl, you know I'm diggin' this
Your body keeps calling, no temperature's falling
The heat keeps rising, got you mesmerizin'
Tonight's the night we'll remember, forever
If I'm ever in your spot, I know you're down for whatever

Repeat Chorus

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