Nb Ridaz - Sunshine

Текст песни Nb Ridaz - Sunshine

I wanna be your sunshine
i wanna be your lady
i wanna make you happy
i wanna drive you crazy
i gotta be right there
whenever you call on me
i wanna be your everything
so tell me if your feeling me

Verse 1
now all my life
i've never felt like this
for some one else
yeah baby i'm feeling you
the way that you've been feeling me
when no one else in the world even cared for me
you held me close
the way
you told me things would be okay
on my bad days
and most of my good times were cause of you
knowing we were strong
cause the things we've been through
your the one i wanna grow old with
to make my memorys to cherish
in hold in the back of my mind
and gurl you was like hard to find
in this crazy world of material things
you loved me when i had nothing
it made you worth some thing


i'm feeling you
not once
not twice
but your three times my lady
the comfort of your arms gott me feeling like your baby
i'll be there for you
lets make love into memories
your tender touch
and you smile
always get the best of me
never let you go or treat you bad
give you all i have

i belong to you
and only you gurl
i want you bad
you wanna be my sun up
i wanna be your light
you wanna be my lady
i'm thinking more like my wife
gott me feeling crazy gurl
you driving me wild
i can make you happy
if you come with me now
let me be your everything baby
do all i can
what i'm tryin to say to you now
i wanna be your man


this is for my muneca
with them pretty brown eyes
have i ever told you gurl
that you always on my mind
and when i finally get to see you
i feel a rush inside
a thousand time a day
your pretty face runs through my mind
i wanna stay with you
cause it was meant to be
your like an angel from the heavens
that was sent to me
my precious one
the one that fufills my needs with happiness
the one that keeps me focused
when i,
i start to stress
i wanna thank you baby
for the many things you've done for me
and all the goodness
you always put inside of me
with that pretty face
with that sexy walk
with that lovin that you given me
when the lights is off


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