Ndx - Severed Ties

Текст песни Ndx - Severed Ties

My vital signs are showing
I've become too dependant
I've got this balance growing
Between my guilt and acceptance

I wish I was eternal
So I could speak these words forever
Maybe we can reconcile
Your differences

You keep too many secrets
You've concealed lies with skin
You've got too many problems
I cant sort them out
It could have been much different
You always were too much
My words fall unheard
How reckless I am

Waste my time again
Cut with words again
Bleeding out dishonest
Lied to me again

This ignorance is rampant
But cleanses me just the same
Bonds once so tight now dissolved
Now tragedy smothers us

Uncover virtue dead
You've left it rusting so long
I'll take this fading
You wont see me here any longer

This distance means nothing

Just a temporary situation
Soon enough I'll be there
Rushing to fullfill you


Waste my time again
Cut with words again
Bleeding out dishonest
Lied to me again

Motherfucking what you see
Is not what you get
Suffocate in silence, so upset
Cant you see through the tears that flow from your eyes
This blinding flood of pain will wash away your lies
And the you'll see (so clear)
What you've always missed
A secrect unlocked, the truth that I insist
And its all fucked now
Because of what you said
Maybe I'll rise and you'll succumb instead

Sink down, Im inside you
Down, Im inside you
Down, I divide you
Down, I heal myself alone

Down (x4)

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