Neccos For Breakfast - Mindy

Текст песни Neccos For Breakfast - Mindy

Mindy, your dad is crazy
He said he?d break my fingers
If I went on after you
But really, he?s kind of funny
He told me he ate Zingers as
I could if I want to

Mindy, your car is slower than mine
We race them all the time
And I could always beat you
But I love you so I let you win
(I don?t think so)
No? (No, I don?t think so) No?
But it doesn?t matter anyway ?cause

You are the one who picks me up when I am down
You?re the answer to my questions,
You?re a wall around this town

It?s so sad for the others because
They will never see
They?ll never feel like me
As warm and safe as I do
A burning arrow straight through
And there will never be another girl like you

Mindy you are the best thing
Ever to happen to me
You put up with my stupid ways
And that?s not the easiest thing to do
For a minute or two,
Not to mention for the rest of our lives!
It?s so sad for them, but it?s so good for me
I cry for them, then I laugh for me.

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