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Текст песни Necro - Freestyle

[Uncle Howie/Kid Joe]
This is a Necro exclusive man Psycho+logical Street
Villains 1 volume 1 carbon copy!
New Necro exclusive. Shits dynamite bro

My intention is to affend smear degrade and mock
Make you feel uncomfortable like a 20 inch cock in your twat
I'll stab any walk of life with a fork or knife
Every dope break I make is like a snow flake
You want beef you'll get a whole steak
Police will need dogs to locate your skull after you're raped
And dumped into an old lake
Out of a trunk I'll murder you and eat cake
Cuz nuthin happened spark a match on you and watch you cremate
You'll decay in NY you'll rot in New York
After your dropped on your part I'll be poppin your cork
You like Bopper when you walk you'll be bobbin your head on the cock
And the jaw blast and there from there to the crotch of the hawk
The mics scarred like a manic depressive that doesn't like guards
Pull my card I'll ram a spark rod in your lard
I hate everyone thats why I'm so special
When it comes to stabbin I'm a professional with a vessel
Choppin you senselessly then your buried
Pop a glock untill it's empty see my shockumentary involuntary

[Kid Joe/ Uncle Howie]
New Necro exclusive Street Villains Volume 1 shits dynamite brand new
come on and listen to it. NEW NECRO BRAND NEW

I'm tappin your wifes guts revolving my life around sluts
Carvin my knife into your bitch and see which organs are fucked
I'm full of lust my cum shoots like fools thrust
Out a clock bitch clean your asshole it's full of crust
All you bored housewives will get your breats sliced off
Your tits suck shit fuck youll get fuck dick sucked rip your mouth off
Rip out the jaws split the skis
Its all about the cause gettin my dick sucked with no teeth
I'm makin women unfaithful I'm distasteful
Leavin a faceful of cum gracefully and shes graciously grateful
You're desperate you'll allow yourself to be molested
By any direlect with testecles and a dick
You dont care if hes been tested or if he's infested
You so desperate youd have sex with asbestos
You'd suck Uncle Fester's testes
You so depressed a simple request will get you undressed

Psycho+Logical Street Villains Volume 1 grab your guns
The first installment of your death peep it Brutality Part 1
In stores September you better remember
You'll get dismembered bitch die

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