Necro - I Wanna Fuck

Текст песни Necro - I Wanna Fuck


I Wanna Fuck (Fuck)
I Wanna Fuck (Fuck)
I Want to Fuck (Fuck)
I Wanna Fuck (Fuck)

[Verse 1]
I want to get explicit with you
About my dick bitch, kiss it
Don't flip out prude, lick it
If you diss it i'll piss on you
Banging you babe, you were born for dick
Now you're starring in my porn flick
You get left with a torn clit, nasty action
Were passed the attraction molest
Were spreading you ass into fractions
And ass kiss and lap dance
Bisexual bitch that likes licking chicks
And sticking things in her intestinal pit, her triple 6
Dim the light in her skin tights shorts
That make men fight
You'll soon be rocking a cock in your windpipe
Pull down the zippers
Shaving you mound with the clippers
Your sensitive around the nipples like my dick tip is
Were getting frisky bitch frisk me like risky business
In the Nastassja Kinski tipsy
Id like to leave my dick in you forever
Bitch whats your pleasure


[Verse 2]
Let's get you lubed up for anal
Spread it, poke it and slip it in
Like an ATM card, ass to mouth it ain't that hard
Unless were talking bout my schmeckel
It stays hard like concrete streets and steel
And Adamantium metal
Your honey dripping pussy is sensational, replaceable
Bitch, you make your money stripping good for you
Now break off your full
You're the princess of oral, amoral, never rest in your laurels
Trying to lick it off the poles
You're a mothafucker that's hot
Perfect eyebrows and make up
Candy lips, silk panties and suckable twat
I love your style
Satanic body like Aphrodite
Hot like manicotti
You want it, you'll have to fight me
Music is an aphrodisiac
While fucking you, moaning sounds similar like a classic pg track
I wanna get intoxicated off your sexuality
My cock's invaded


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