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Текст песни Necro - Necro - Freestyle (Track #11)

pyscho...... logical

[Kid Joe]
Yo Necro is a crazy motherfucker
Psycho+Logical records
He's a sick motherfucker you don't want to beef with him
He'll crack your fuckin head open
You dumb motherfuckers
Wake up

You fuckin perverted dreamer I plot murder on a schemer
I got spies peeping you rockin Necro shirts the record hurts
when it's broken and a sharp piece is stab into your arteries
for dissin publically any atentions good all of my tension could
practically murder you with one mush your head gets pushed
into a wall with no cushion concussion confusion me being sick
is no illusion I'm workin on it studying books my buddies are crooks
I get affected every day by negative ways I'm dying of depression
I'm hard on myself as it is so fuckin with me is a hazardous
I'm ill kid and you ill to paw but don't take it too far
cause I'm inclined to be ten times the devil you are
it's just morbid thoses are my thoughts assault and onslaught

and no ones gettin' caught this might not be for you
don't let me spoil your mood cause negativity is my mental a servitude
you squadron is soft like margarine when cats speak at necro
they say don't start with him' when I come to your town
hand the red carpet out or you end up a dead carcass found in a carpet
on the garbage route lets publicize thugs are nice kid if you insult me
and I stab you it's justified your balance yourself on a rope a rope that will
wrap around your throat and I would challenge you not to choke
I'm brain washing the norm shout out to my disciples with rifles
my students watch me perform your teacher is concentrating deeply
I'm creepy conplicated thoughts like operating swords in 3-D
I caught your interest like television reporting slaughtering
mass murders holocaust and lynchings

Psycho... logical

[Kid Joe]
You dirty fuckin low lifes
I wish still my fuckin time in here to see all you motherfuckers
You creepy motherfuckers
I hate you motherfuckers you watse my fuckin time my patience
Dirty low life I fuckin hate you

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