Necro - The Kink Panther

The Kink PantherNecro3:07

Текст песни Necro - The Kink Panther

Man: "Uh, uh, oh yeah."
Woman: "I can't understand it. You can't be living just for sex. And only for sex. And nothing but sex alone. It's disgusting."
Man: "What is this bullshit you are talking about? The only thing worth living for as far as I'm concerned is a nice juicy, white, open cunt hole. This is the meaning of life for me. When I'm stuffing my cock into a nice, slimy pussy. The rest is all horse shit."
Woman: "Your sense of values are really impressing me."
Man: "Wait till I shove it up your ass. You'll see!"

Verse 1:
Chocolate Quick flavored Swiss
Miss Chick
You're hip to lick my dick puss
Super cute
Respect your doodie shoot
Perfect booty
Your gluteus max protrudes
Wanna see your ass crack and nude
Slang quaaludes
Smackin' prudes that hang with gay dudes
You gold diggers are boogers
You won't pig out on my figures
Got you in mind control triggers
To most guys, you're unapproachable
To me, you're no better than a roach in a pool
My quotables are a notable in your book
And who gives a shit what you think?
You can croak
Well, back to the fact that your butt and your tits are immaculate
Slut, let's cut the shit and cut
Don't act you ain't wit' it
Admit it
You want me to hit it
You're attracted
I'm out there
Whip it out
Come get it

The girl is pretty kinky
I really love to taste her
Hey, hey, hey, hey!!!
The girl is pretty kinky
I really like to taste her
Hey, hey, hey, hey!!!

Verse 2:
Be my Valentine
Get you drunk off Ballantine

Mad dudes fighting over you like Palestine
This gal is fine as fuck
Fuck you from behind
The chalice wine poured on your D-cups
My spit games like Rick James
This bitch got no shame
She took it up her ass like Ving Rhames
Dick covered in shit stains
Make her give brains
Run trains
I live insane
Never mundane
I got swagger
Red Bull gagger
Dreadful bag over your head pulled down
Shag her
You're a magnet for attention
A magnum condom was a great invention
I thank 'em
No holds barred sex
But no Gold card
You old whore
Your body sold for a price
You got a cold sore
Getting hyper
Having sex in the mirror
Fuck a shady viper
I need a lady tiger Elvira

The girl is pretty kinky
I really love to taste her
Hey, hey, hey, hey!!!
The girl is pretty kinky
I really like to taste her
Hey, hey, hey, hey!!!

Oh girl
Oh no
Everybody sing
Oh girl
Oh no
Hey, hey, hey, hey!!!
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