Neil Diamond - Holiday Inn Blues

Текст песни Neil Diamond - Holiday Inn Blues

Half a day from nowhere
Hurrying to get there
Ninety miles an hour
In two Plymouth wagons
The Avis lady gave us a smile

Tom's getting uptight
Max'll will make it all right
Ken's asleep in back
Artie's reading a map
That's takin' us where we're heading to
We should be there soon

There's a sign up ahead
Wash my face and get fed
And that voice in my head
Keeps sayin' I'm lonely
But I'm only payin' my dues
Holiday Inn Blues

Had a reservation, best accommodations
We get the word, they never heard
We were comin' by at all
See what they can do for me
Only got one room free
Little bit confined
But if you guys don't mind
We'll put you up in our bridal suite
The view can't be beat

And a fine view they got
Of a new parking lot
And I can't repeat what's in my mind
As I lay back resigned
And I kick off my shoes
Holiday Inn Blues

Time to put a show on
Gettin' time to go on
People call for more
We do two encores
Take our bows and we're feelin' fine
We got to unwind

Want some coffee, but then
This town closes at ten
Looks like I'm gonna spend
One more night by the light
Of the late show
And Charlie Chans's crew
Holiday Inn Blues

Holiday Inn Blues
I feel so down
Holiday Inn Blues
What am I gonna do?

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