Neil Young - Clementine

Текст песни Neil Young - Clementine

[Verse 1]
In a cavern, in a canyon
Excavating for a mine
Dwelt a miner forty niner
And his daughter clementine
Light she was and like a fairy
And her shoes were number nine
Herring boxes, without topses
Sandals were for clementine

Clementine! Clementine!
Oh my darling, clementine!

[Verse 2]
Drove she ducklings to the water
Every morning just at nine
Hit her foot against a splinter
Fell into the foaming brine
Ruby lips above the water
Blowing bubbles, soft and fine
But, alas, i was no swimmer
So i lost my clementine


[Verse 3]
Then the miner forty niner
Soon began to peak and pine
Thought he ought'er join his daughter
Now he's with his clementine
In my dreams she still does haunt me
Robed in garments soaked in brine
Though in life i used to hug her
In death i draw the line


How i missed her! How i missed her
How i missed my clementine
So i kissed her little sister
I forgot my clementine


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