Текст песни Neil Young - DEVIL'S SIDEWALK

Well the red light shines
On the streets of hate
Where the devil dines
Who knows what he ate

"It's a simple thing
Trying to stay afloat"
The captain said
Without his boat

Some things are getting better
Other things a little worse
It's a situation
Much like a curse

"It's the devil's sidewalk
It's the devil's door
I've tried to avoid it"
Said the captain of the shore

There's a garden growing
And a million weeds
With no way of knowing
Who's done which deed

"That's an honest tale"
Said the helmsman to the mate
"About a woman delicious
And a matter of fate"

Big wheel keep rollin'
Down on me
"One thing I can tell you
Is you got to be free"

John Lennon said that
And "I believe in love"
But I believe in action
When push comes to shove

"Who cares what you believe,"
Said the captain, amazed
"If you stood in my shoes
Your eyes would be glazed"

So, my fair damsel
Won't you take your leave
Are you headed for the country?
Where you wear the greensleeves

And the children laugh
And the old folks sing
And the church bell tolls
For a miraculous thing

Where the big red furnace
Just blooms and glows
Where the big heart beats
Where the big wheel rolls

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