Neil Young - Trans Am

Текст песни Neil Young - Trans Am

Trans Am
The wagons in the valley had pulled up for the night
Seth said go get the plow out Merle, this place looks just right
By then they were surrounded, by dawn they all were dead
I heard this from the old Trans Am, up the road ahead
That cowboy just kept talking, I thought I heard him say
He used to ride the Santa Fe before the tracks were laid
Trans Am

A nasty wind was blowing through the gates of Eden Park
One was swinging and one was hanging,
and the street lights all were dark
It crawled along the boulevard with two wheels on the grass
That old Trans Am was dying hard, but still had lots of gas
The golden gate was open wide, the sun came shining through
Where once the angels stood and cried everything was new
Trans Am

Global manufacturing, hands across the sea
The hotel filled with dealers, everything was free

Before the competition, ahead of all the rest
The product was presented, it clearly was the best
The power link was ruptured, the hotel shook and rolled
The old Trans Am just bounced around and took another road
Trans Am

An old friend showed up at the door
The mile posts flying by
He said come on, I said what for
He said I'll show you why
I got a call from north of here
They said some girl's broke down
There's good money in it for you and me
If we can get her back to town
She's somewhere north of Barstow
Lost on 66
An old Trans Am by the side of the road
That needs a headlight fixed
Trans Am

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