Nekromantix - World Of Dust

Текст песни Nekromantix - World Of Dust

Grotesque illusions soiled down
Nightmares come alive
Heavy breath and blinded eyes
Salvations out of sight
Through dying days
And endless nights of stalking prey
A heart of stone and blade
Viscous hatching in the shade
I hail all darkness
In a world of pain and fire
But I'm still dancing with the
Devil under the blood red sky
I know I still got hell to pay
Waiting for my resurrection
That'll be the god damn day

Through devils miles
And nights on fire
Undead desire and forbidden lust
When you change your mind girl
Then you mess up my world

Through devil smiles the cahins
Untied still breathing fire
Into a world of dust

A glimpse of sparkling fangs
One deadly kiss of dawn
My undead heart laid bare
And caught up in the storm
Born in the dead of night
You entered my domain
Following your path
I walked to hell and back again
Reached for your hand
And found a dagger up your sleeve
Shining silver
Driven through my heart
And all I dared to believe
I'm hearing everything you say
Sneaking out the backdoor baby
That is not OK with me

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