Nelly Furtado - FriendaMine Remix

Текст песни Nelly Furtado - FriendaMine Remix

all over the world x 2

do need no .....
Dont need no part-time friends
i show love to all my hard-time friends
Cause they were there through all the hard times
and there aint to many people that i call my friend
You never was a friend of mine
You tried to deceive me
You never was a friend of mine
you didn't believe me
Now you can eat with your enemy
speak with your enemy
but sleep with your enemy you wake up in a cemetrey
Hope you aint .....
we use to share our lunch
my mumma pack an apple
and I liked fruit punch
we didn't eat much
r.e.c.e.s.s ??“ we'd always share the see-saw ** this board has a problem with the word r3cess!?!
id never let you fall off
you were never too far

id help you braid your hair
you'd help me braid mine
had a beautiful smile
id let you get your shine
slowly you weltered as you watched me get mine
said ???here, hold my hand???
but you took your time
We floated down the river backwards real slow
I had to leave you there as I rushed to my first show
But truth be told, you were the one who let go
I won't sit here and let you stop my flow
Im not mad but now you a stranger
With your breath of venom
Leaving thick chills of paper
I cant say hi, I wont call you later
And I don't have your back when people say ???I hate her???

Well you better pick em up when the world let em down
What kind of friend are you?
And when the world turn their back on you the friend looks around
What kind of friend are you?

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