Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous (Radio Edit)

Текст песни Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous (Radio Edit)

N:do i throw u off?
t: nope.
N: didnt think so
T: how u doin young lady, the feeling dat u give me really drives me crazy, u dont have a player on your trunk
i was loss of words first time dat we spoke
N: if your looking for a girl that'll treat u right,
if your looking for her in the daytime wit the light
T: you might be the type if you play my cards right
i'll find out by the end of the night
Nelly:u expect me to just let u hit it but will ya still respect me if u get it?
Timbaland:all i can do is try gimme one chance, wats the problem? i dont see no ring on ya hand
i'll be the first to admit im courious about u, u seem so innocent
Nelly: ifu wanna get in my world, get lost in it
boy im tired of running lets walk for a minute
Timbaland: Promiscuous girl wherever u are im all alone and it;s u that i want
Nelly: promiscuous boy u already know that im all yours
wat u waiting for?
Timbaland: promiscuous girl, your teasing me
i know wat i want and i got wat u need
Nelly:promiscuous boy lets get to the point 'cause we on a roll
u ready?
Nelly: roses are red some diamonds are blue
chilvary is dead but u stll kinda cute
Timbaland: hey!i cant keep my mind off u
where u at do u mind if i come through?
Nelly: im out of this world come wit me to my planet
get u on my level, do u think that u can handle it?
Timbaland: they call me thomas last name crown
recognize game ima lay mines down
Nelly: im a big girl i can handle myself
but if i get lonely ima need your hely
pay attention to me i dont talk for my health

Timbaland: i want u on my team
Nelly: so does everybody else
Timbaland: baby we can keep it on the low
let your gaurd dowm aint nobody gotta know
if u wit it girl i know a place we can go
Nelly: wat kind of girl do ya take me for

T:dont be mad dont be mean
N: dont get dont get mean (x2)
T: wait! i dont mean no harm
i can see u wit my t-shirt on
N: i can see u wit nothing on
feelin on me before u bring that on
T: bring that on?
N: u know wat i mean
T: girl ima freak u shouldn't say those things
N: im only tryin to get inside your brain see if u can work me the way u say
T: it's okay it's alright
i got something that u gon like
N: is that the truth
or u talking trash, is your game M.V.P. like steve nash
T: Promiscuous girl wherever u are im all alone and it;s u that i want
N: promiscuous boy im calling your name but your drivin me crazy bthe way your making me wait
T:promiscuous girl, your teasing me
i know wat i want and i got wat u need
N: Promiscuous Boy
We're one and the same
So we don't gotta play games no more

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