Nelly Furtado - Shit On the Radio

Текст песни Nelly Furtado - Shit On the Radio

[Verse 1]
You liked me till' you heard my shit on the radio
Well I hate to say but pop ain't' going solo
You liked me till' you heard my shit on the radio
But now I'm just too mainstream for you, oh no
You liked me till' you seen me on your t.v
Well if you're so low below then why you watching
You say good things come to those who wait
Well I've been waiting a long time for it

I remember the days when I was so eager to satisfy you
And be less then I was just to prove I could walk beside you
Now that I've flown away I see you've chosen to stay behind me
And still you curse the day I decided to stay true to myself

[Verse 2]
You say your quest is to bring it higher
Well I never seen change without a fire
But from your mouth I have seen a lot of burning
But underneath I think it's a lot of yearning
Your face, the colours change from green to yellow

To the point where you can't even say hello
You tell me you'd kill me if I ever snob you out
Like that's what you'd expect from me, like that's what I'm about


It's so much easier to stay down there guaranteeing you're cool
Than to sit up here exposing myself trying to break through
Than to burn in the spotlight, turn in the spitfire
Scream without making a sound, be up here and not look down
Because we're all afraid of heights


Why ya hurt me hurt me hurt me hurt me hurt me hurt me so so
Leave me down down down down low
Leave me down da down down da down da down down down...
Shit on the radio... (4x)

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