Nelly - IDGAF

Текст песни Nelly - IDGAF

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Hold up hold up
Hey you got me more of me on the motherfucking train
Hit the club till the DJ run that motherfucking thang
Gone bout that action shawty you ain't gotta ask
Ye ain't seen king with a bitch if she ain't gotta ass
Man a nigga be about that game I ran that
If I throw over some [?] she ain't my main thang
When I run that rough shit a honey wanna run from me
Call 911 shawty

[Verse 1: Nelly]
If they call the cops on me, IDGAF
I won't stop no, IDGAF, baby
Baby girl you should call me tonight
Them other niggas don't know how to talk to you right
You understand what I'm offering right? IDGAF

[Bridge: Nelly]
Shake your thang one time for me, (then repeat, repeat, repeat)
Fill my glass one time for me, (then repeat, repeat, repeat)
I’m even talkin’ to the girls outside (then repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat)
Shake your thang one time for me, (then repeat, repeat, repeat)

[Hook: Nelly]
Girl, let's do it over and over again
I'm not selfish, bring your friend
See the morning ain't up, so repeat
You gotta repeat

[Verse 2: Nelly]
Everybody watching, ho IDGAF
Ain't no way you stopping, no IDGAF
Baby girl we play that shit
You don't like country niggas
I'mma change that shit

Homie where is your chick?
(I'm not telling!)

[Bridge: Nelly]

[Hook: Nelly]

[Verse 3: Nelly]
(Come on, sing it!)
I got this new whip on and ride it, ride it
You sit on top, I be inside it, inside it
You know, You know
Let's go, baby

Let’s back on the R8 out, IDGAF
Drop the top throw the deuce we out, IDGAF baby
She wanna hang with the turn up crew
Telling I ain’t no tell em when you turn up proof
Came with it, got my turn on you ‘cause IDGAF
Hold up!

[Verse 4: T.I.]
Hold up
Would you light that you say you, well what now?
I park in the pussy now get the fuck out
Everybody know when I get high it go down
A fuck I been there once, take and one
Man the niggas talkin’ all the shit I gotta laugh
Dont BS’n with your bitch, you know I gotta ask
I gotta lot of cash, you want some? Well come get it
Let me eat that pussy, beat it
Throw it out, I’m down with it

[Hook: Nelly]

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