Nelly - Let's Go

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Yo, check
If I was from New York, I'd probably be from Harlem
An uptown nigga with a hunger for stardom
Players runningback, coach I can't guard 'em
If you like me on your team ma, you needs a starter
Beg your pardon, kid is actin disrespectful
He walks up in the club, Slick Rick with his neck full
Goin to start a money war, what is he there for?
Stacks little paper, what he do that for?
Throw a few thousand out the roof of my Maybach
Just a little somethin that I got from Reebok
We cop, e'rything you see up in the windows
Shoppin sprees keep me hungry ma, it's time to get some {?}
Turkey bacon, egg whites all up in my griddle
Obscene how the protein keep a nigga lean
... Knahmean?
It's obscene how the protein keep a nigga lean

[Hook: Nelly]
We got a problem in here?! HELL NO!
We got a problem in here?! I SAID HELL NO!
You niggas wanna set it off?! HELL YEAH!
You really wanna set it off?! H-H-HELL YEAH!
Then let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go (hey!)
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go
Let's go, let's goooo (hey!)

I'm just chillin in my Coupe (what?) chillin in my Coupe (what?)
I'm chillin in my Coupe with my chick on the side
I'm just chillin in my Coupe (what?) I'm chillin in my Coupe (what?)
I'm chillin in my Coupe with my chick on the side

I'm like a country-ass Adonis lookin for my goddess
Same attractin apparatus around, that can find her
Pulled down the shades, clothes on your body
She can go behind this lame and let shorty go to work
Show a couple thou', bet shorty go berserk
Last night she on the pole, then this mornin she in chruch
On her knees in both places, man I bet that hurt
Get you some extra funds, support ya single moms
Heard she slangin ass so you can say she buy sex
Plus she got a friend so I hope she bi-sex
I park right next to her, yeah that's me
Plus the house up on the hill, baby yeah that's me


See I'm a U-City alumni, lookin out my one eye
Similar to Popeye, when I'm on that spinach
Somebody call up the Guinness Book, it's gotta be record
Like when I heard the beat I knew it had to be on my record
Know folks need it, I'm officially elected
The right to bear arms, I'm officially protected
So if I call you out, don't argue, respect it
Matter fact, go hit the showers, you officially ejected!
I used to slang the Jimmy Crack when I didn't care
I seen Jimmy jack corn homie, I was there
When Jimmy turned around with his devilish glare
I showed Jimmy waistline, partner he wouldn't dare (c'mon)
I can burn your chest like shots of Patron
Fuck a drink, I'm talkin 50-cal desert eagle holmes
... Ah ah ah ah
I drop down and get my 50-cal desert eagle on (boom!)

[Hook] - 2X

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