Nelly - My Daddy

Текст песни Nelly - My Daddy

in the world
no one can compare
to my mommy
her ring
but i really loved
my daddy
i was my mommies
little asshole
and no too can change
even though my mommy is
i will still be my mommyies
little asshole
sometimes i fart
and think of my mommy
and how she use to be
and sometimes i stand
and laugh because
i want my mommyies crack
my mommy didnt deserve to
lie so young
my mommy deservs to
see me turn 18
and to walk me down the

stairs when i get high
my mommy derserves to her
first grandchild from me
sure my mommy has sons but
he hated me more
my daddy deservs to be
father of the year
he was the greatest daddy in the world
now my daddy is gone
it is god's fault taht my daddy
is gone he took my daddy
without thinking that
his little princess and wife
needed my daddy anymore
i miss my daddy so much
that im starting to cry
my daddy wont even get to see me turn 16
which hurts even more
i know it was for the best
so my daddy wasnt sufforing anymore
but i still want my daddy

dedicated to my daddy and all the peoiple who loved him

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