Nelson - Ignorance

Текст песни Nelson - Ignorance

Got like 2 blunts up son..
Two, Two Three Blunts
(Yo Worrrddd?)
Ooooh, Yoo Pass the weed Yeah
(pass that, pass that)
Aw Yeah


Judge not, 'lest he be judged
People so quick to label without knowing one
Thing about a nigga, dont even kno where he from
Dont kno shit about his past, still show him no love?
Either they dumb or simply dont give a fuck
Dont even give him a chance
All because hes black & young
Assume we all thugs
Assume we all strapped
Assume we carry drugs
So they run to the cops & hope we get convicted
Cuz everybody knows the system is so forgiving
I'm kiddin, life's a bitch isnt it?
We were the ones oppressed but they ended up ignant
Probably why a nigga will never win Hell's Kitchen
Cuz all we kno is kool aid and fried chicken
Cut from a different cloth, they got us dryin the dishes
Only left with our dreams of mansions and white bitches

[Hook - Kaptivate]

Whats my favorite word? Ignorance
All dreams, even tho they try killin it
Dreams? we fulfillin it
Look around man
We livin for the thrill of it (x2)


The sun dont shine upon my sane asylum
Makin milestone history, slippin sleek as I break alignments
I embody simple genius logic
My Gs embody Giants
My semen might produce lords
These subjects is a problem
I stay in constant flight for search of truth
And sight of darkened lights
My symptoms are causin me to lose title
A rebel disallowed in his boundaries
Set to watch you make clowns of me? I'm astounded
I sit in pole position breakin ounces
I'm sick & partly powerless
But plottin on this hourly: when I make it, mom is gonna hold the cake, no salary
Power dreams: full of marijuana & an ivory queen
Socrates. Mixed with poems made for those of silent speech
I am teaching basic of principles, fuck them lyin niggas feedin you Interscope & I got it like inner hope

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