Nelson - Jet Brothers Part 1

Текст песни Nelson - Jet Brothers Part 1

I sit in class, minutes pass, time is still tickin'
I'm thinkin' school is equivalent to a meal ticket
Still I wander off, slumber reimbursed in bits
Surface in, silently present and probably high till 5th Period
Blowin' weed past delirium
Livin' life in orbit like a satellite that dissappeared
Hopin the work that I put in is somethin' worth a pick
Sosa. Smashin' a record & send it rocketin'
Opposite of the wrong direction, I just rocket clear
Misguided fear & open doors are closed for showing nothin' there
Pocket hoes topple to the bottom, filthy dominoes
I suppose I been sent from North to pocket souls sockets closed
My central argument is "i'm alone"
Pots of gold suffice but I prefer my peace of mind
My soul never recline cuz I got my homie on my side
(My soul be on my side
My soul be on my side)

[Pat Dollar$ - Hook]
The world we livin' in
It's so insane
(So insane)
So insane
(So insane)
So insane
Smokin' weed, runnin the streets after dark
(after dark)
It's so insane
(So insane man)
So insane

Misunderstandin' how my head remained in solar ships
So consistent, I am the mirror image of bashful
Sad truth: I'll reduce your battleground to bad news
Tattooed presence, I'm etch a sketching my avenues
Mom said I mix with a crowd of bad news
Catch us rollin' weed and discussin' how we gon' make it
We open dutches daily, a habit that's commonplace
& face Ls like shitty teams competin' out of state
No contestin' my progress, try and step in my socks
Covered ground across the town since migratin' to top
It's vibratin', pavin lanes that weren't even planned to be where I'm stationed
Can't denounce the history that's made
Since I'm killin' these niggas image from top floor to the base
My Bass? Sacramental. My Haze? From Sacramento
In a benzo, I skid off to my destiny: Manifesto
I'm hectically re edgin' the message beyond your headphones babe

[Pat Dollar$]
Shit, everyday I wake up the bed with a bad bitch & a fat spliff
Bout to get my thing licked then I'm out bitch
Young Fly Nigga, You niggas fittin' in while I'm standin' out
Ya'll not about this fast life, I'm flyin' by with my cash right
Slidin' your bitch the pipe then we out for the night
Now I'm back on the grind with more money on my mind
Tryna fight the man while standin' in the line
So catch me in line with the stars
With my eyes on Mars
While I'm livin' out my dream
It just ain't what it seems

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